phpseclib API Documentation


Crypt_AES Pure-PHP implementation of AES.
Crypt_Base Base Class for all Crypt_* cipher classes
Crypt_Blowfish Pure-PHP implementation of Blowfish.
Crypt_DES Pure-PHP implementation of DES.
Crypt_Hash Pure-PHP implementations of keyed-hash message authentication codes (HMACs) and various cryptographic hashing functions.
Crypt_RC2 Pure-PHP implementation of RC2.
Crypt_RC4 Pure-PHP implementation of RC4.
Crypt_RSA Pure-PHP PKCS#1 compliant implementation of RSA.
Crypt_Rijndael Pure-PHP implementation of Rijndael.
Crypt_TripleDES Pure-PHP implementation of Triple DES.
Crypt_Twofish Pure-PHP implementation of Twofish.
File_ANSI Pure-PHP ANSI Decoder
File_ASN1 Pure-PHP ASN.1 Parser
File_ASN1_Element ASN.1 Element
File_X509 Pure-PHP X.509 Parser
Math_BigInteger Pure-PHP arbitrary precision integer arithmetic library.
Net_SCP Pure-PHP implementations of SCP.
Net_SFTP Pure-PHP implementations of SFTP.
Net_SFTP_Stream SFTP Stream Wrapper
Net_SSH1 Pure-PHP implementation of SSHv1.
Net_SSH2 Pure-PHP implementation of SSHv2.
System_SSH_Agent Pure-PHP ssh-agent client identity factory
System_SSH_Agent_Identity Pure-PHP ssh-agent client identity object
phpseclib\Crypt\AES Pure-PHP implementation of AES.
phpseclib\Crypt\Base Base Class for all \phpseclib\Crypt* cipher classes
phpseclib\Crypt\Blowfish Pure-PHP implementation of Blowfish.
phpseclib\Crypt\DES Pure-PHP implementation of DES.
phpseclib\Crypt\RC2 Pure-PHP implementation of RC2.
phpseclib\Crypt\RC4 Pure-PHP implementation of RC4.
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA Pure-PHP PKCS#1 compliant implementation of RSA.
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA\MSBLOB Microsoft BLOB Formatted RSA Key Handler
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA\OpenSSH OpenSSH Formatted RSA Key Handler
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA\PKCS PKCS Formatted RSA Key Handler
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA\PKCS1 PKCS#1 Formatted RSA Key Handler
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA\PKCS8 PKCS#8 Formatted RSA Key Handler
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA\PuTTY PuTTY Formatted RSA Key Handler
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA\Raw Raw RSA Key Handler
phpseclib\Crypt\RSA\XML XML Formatted RSA Key Handler
phpseclib\Crypt\Random Pure-PHP Random Number Generator
phpseclib\Crypt\Rijndael Pure-PHP implementation of Rijndael.
phpseclib\Crypt\TripleDES Pure-PHP implementation of Triple DES.
phpseclib\Crypt\Twofish Pure-PHP implementation of Twofish.
phpseclib\Exception\BadConfigurationException BadConfigurationException
phpseclib\Exception\FileNotFoundException FileNotFoundException
phpseclib\Exception\NoSupportedAlgorithmsException NoSupportedAlgorithmsException
phpseclib\Exception\UnsupportedAlgorithmException UnsupportedAlgorithmException
phpseclib\File\ANSI Pure-PHP ANSI Decoder
phpseclib\File\ASN1 Pure-PHP ASN.1 Parser
phpseclib\File\ASN1\Element ASN.1 Element
phpseclib\File\X509 Pure-PHP X.509 Parser
phpseclib\Math\BigInteger Pure-PHP arbitrary precision integer arithmetic library.
phpseclib\Net\SCP Pure-PHP implementations of SCP.
phpseclib\Net\SFTP Pure-PHP implementations of SFTP.
phpseclib\Net\SFTP\Stream SFTP Stream Wrapper
phpseclib\Net\SSH1 Pure-PHP implementation of SSHv1.
phpseclib\Net\SSH2 Pure-PHP implementation of SSHv2.
phpseclib\System\SSH\Agent Pure-PHP ssh-agent client identity factory
phpseclib\System\SSH\Agent\Identity Pure-PHP ssh-agent client identity object